Raindance Immersive Summit

Panel Discussion

Huldufugl was a part of the official selection at Raindance Film Festival 2019, and we were asked to present our work and then take part in a panel discussion at the Raindance Immersive Summit presented by Bose.

The panel title was: Location-based Entertainment, New Avenues for XR Showcase, Audience Engagement and Monetisation.

Raindance Film Festival, Vue Piccadilly, London, 26 September 2019.

Halfway to Fringe Party

Festival Director

Each January we have a Halfway to Fringe countdown party. This is when the open call has just ended or is about to end, and there’s 6 months until the Reykjavík Fringe begins. The Halfway party (as well as the opening party at the festival itself) takes place at Hlemmur Square, one of the festival’s main sponsors.

We use this party to advertise the RVK Fringe and educate our partygoers about the festival, so I give a short speech about the festival to the crowd.

RVK Fringe Halfway Party, Hlemmur Square, 2019.

Isle of Games


After winning the main prize at A Maze Festival in Berlin for the show Kassinn I was asked to give a talk at the game festival Isle of Games that takes place annually for one day in IÐNÓ in the centre of Reykjavík

The title of the talk was “Making Kassinn, VR Meets Interactive Theatre” and explained how interactive theatre was merged with Huldufugl’s production of Kassinn (A Box In The Desert). The performance can be classified as a theatre performance, but also as an escape room or a multiplayer video game.

Isle of Games, Reykjavík, 2019.

Háskóli Íslands / University of Iceland


In 2019 when preparing for the second Reykjavík Fringe Festival, I gave a talk at the University of Iceland along with my production manager Jessica LoMonaco to students in Event Management & Recreational Studies. We spoke about starting a festival from nothing, the difficulties we faced and the opportunities that came up.

University of Iceland, February 2019.

What the Fringe?


In preparation for the second RVK Fringe Festival I hosted a talk called What the Fringe? at Tjarnarbíó in November 2018. This was a semi informal talk that was open to the public and I sat down with attendees afterwards to answer any and all questions.

Tjarnarbíó, November 2018.

Epic Fails


As a part of the schedule of RVK Fringe 2018 I hosted a series of talks called Epic Fails, where 3 creative people shared their failings in their creative process, for attendees to learn from (and be amused over our mishaps).
I spoke of the RVK Fringe that never came to be in 2017 along with poet and previous festival director Jón Magnús Arnarsson, the actress Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir spoke of her difficulties when she was diagnosed with facial paralysis and game developer Björn Elíeser Jónsson talked about the difficulties in releasing a new video game.

Hlemmur Square, Reykjavík 7 July 2018.

Hyper Island Workshop


In November 2017 Huldufugl was invited to give a workshop and a lecture at Hyper Island in Stockholm. We teamed up with the escape room designers from Amsterdam that created Sherlocked, Victor Milton van Doorn and Pim Schachtschabel and taught a room full of students how they can give a theatrical flair to an escape room and make it truly immersive.

Hyper Island, Stockholm, 2017.

Reasons To Be Creative

3 Day Creative Convention

Reasons To Be Creative was a 3 day annual creative convention held in Brighton, running from 2006-2017.
In 2014 I was invited by William Coleman to be a part of his lecture at the convention, as he spoke about his project Careers At Contoso by his company RedIsGo. I performed as the character Lorraine in the lecture, struggling to piece together clues so that the audience members could get to the next level of the interactive multi-platform game.

Reasons To Be Creative, Brighton, 2014.