The Hidden People [Working Title]

Theatre & Circus
Performer, Creator & Producer

The Hidden People is a work in progress that’s a collaboration between Huldufugl and the British circus duet Hikapee.

The show will combine Icelandic folklore of the hidden people with aerial circus, physical theatre and creative technology.

The creation of the show started in late 2018, when Hikapee came to Iceland for a 2 week research and development phase. Huldufugl went to the UK in February 2019 and performed a 40 minute work-in-progress sharing at Jacksons Lane Theatre on 1st of March 2019. The second research and development phase is currently taking place, both in the UK and in Finland and will end in January 2020.

This performance has had support from:
Arts Council England
Jacksons Lane Theatre
101 Outdoor Arts
The Finnish Institute
Robin Boot Photography

Funding dependant, the performance should be ready to tour at the end of 2020.

Iceland and UK, 2020.

Kassinn / A Box In The Desert

Virtual Reality Theatre installation
Performer & Producer

Imagine one day, you wake up inside an invisible box, unable to escape. Kassinn is an engaging, but playful, interactive theatre performance with a live actor in virtual reality. Will you trust this mysterious stranger? Or listen to the voice in your head, trying to get you out?

Kassinn, (English title “A Box In The Desert”), was a short play I wrote for Uppsprettan in Tjarnarbíó in 2016. In 2017 this play was transformed into a piece of virtual reality theatre.

In it, one audience at a time is ‘trapped’ inside a box, both physically and virtually. In order to escape the box, the audience member needs to get help from an outsider, performed by an actor/actress in a motion capture suit on the outside of the box. The performer is transformed into a virtual character within the virtual world, with all its movements happening in real time.

The audience member and the performer can both hear each other and speak to each other throughout the performance, meaning the play is semi-scripted and semi-improvised.

By making the performance take place in the virtual world, it’s possibly to create anything, and do swift changes from normality to a completely different environment – there are no limits.

The play was developed for a longer run at Reykjavík Fringe in July 2018, with an added character of a voice inside your head, in contrast to the character outside the box. Initially that voiceover was done by me, as I was unable to perform live during the RVK Fringe. In its current version, Ástþór Ágústsson and I take turns in performing in the show. This version was invited to the Stockholm Fringe Festival in September 2018, and subsequently went on to tour around Europe and USA in 2019, selling out wherever it went and winning numerous awards.

This is a Huldufugl production, an events company I run with creative technologist Owen Hindley.

Performers: Nanna Gunnars, Ástþór Ágústsson
VR Design and direction: Owen Hindley
Music: Iris Thorarins
Sound: Ragnar Hrafnkelsson
Concept Development: Alexander Dan Vilhjálmsson
Additional 3D design, build: Jacob Andersson

First version had support from PuppIT and sponsorship from Landsbankinn.

Behind the scenes at STOFF 2018
Kassinn at Menningarnótt 2017 (first iteration)

WINNER: Best Interactive Narrative Experience, Raindance Film Festival 2019
WINNER: Outstanding USA Premiere, San Diego Fringe Festival 2019
WINNER: Most Amazing Game Award, A Maze Festival, Berlin 2019
WINNER: Innovation in Performance, Stockholm International Fringe Festival 2018
NOMINATED: GRAND PRIX, Stockholm International Fringe Festival 2018

RVK Fringe, Stockholm Fringe, 2018.
A Maze, Brighton Fringe, Jacksons Lane Theatre, private performances in LA, San Diego Fringe, RVK Fringe, Raindance Film Festival, 2019.

Rauða skáldahúsið

Poetry Brothel Reykjavík
Producer & Performer

Rauða skáldahúsið, or Poetry Brothel Reykjavík, has been taking place regularly in IÐNÓ in downtown Reykjavík from May 2017.

Poetry Brothels can be found around the world, with the first one taking place in New York City in 2007. In them, audience members can purchase private readings with poets, as well as enjoy live entertainment in the form of music, circus, burlesque and more.

Reykjavík’s Poetry Brothel generally has a cast of about 20-30 people. There are around 10 poets each night, plus one star poet. There is a resident house witch, that does tarot reading. There are sketch artists and body painters, and various burlesque, circus and cabaret performers.

Each performance has a specific theme and performances take place every 3-4 months.

I organise and produce each event, in collaboration with Meg Matich and Jessica LoMonaco. My role is mainly to take care of marketing, book the entertainment (burlesque, circus, music) and plan the running order of each event, and together with Jessica we collaborate on the set design. I also perform as the host, Madame Karítas, at each event.

Madame of Entertainment (Madame Karítas): Nanna Gunnars
Madame of Poetry (Nastasia Filipovna): Meg Matich
Madame of Beauty (Paige Truesong): Jessica LoMonaco
Rotating cast of 20-30 performers

Previous performances:
18 May 2017
– featuring Kristín Ómarsdóttir
29 July 2017 (Wild Nights!)
– featuring Kristín Eiríksdóttir
10 November 2017 (Masquerade)
– featuring Kött Grá Pjé
29 March 2018 (Seven Deadly Sins)
– featuring Sjón
21 June 2018 (A Midsummer’s Night Dream)
– featuring Hallgrímur Helgason & Cornelia Travnicek
8 July 2018 (The Golden Age): The Café Review Book Launch
– featuring Einar Már Guðmundsson, Gerður Kristný, Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson and Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir
22 November 2018 (Masquerade)
– featuring Linda Vilhjálmsdóttir
8 March 2019 (The Witching Hour)
– featuring Elísabet Kristín Jökulsdóttir & translator Max Savage
25 April 2019 (Salon)
– Pop-up event in Gröndalshús in collaboration with Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature
4 July 2019 (Inferno)
– featuring Francesca Cricelli

Í Rauða skáldahúsinu getur allt gerst
Ærsl og usl í Rauða skáldahúsinu
Reykjavík’s First “Poetry Brothel” Opens Its Doors

Sumer Game

Computer game

The digital board game Sumer was released on Nintendo Switch on the 6th of April 2018.

In the game itself, strategic planning and swift platforming meet. As nobles vying for power in the ancient civilisation of Sumer, players harvest resources and bid in real-time auctions in a contest to worship the almighty goddess Inanna.

Nanna did voice-over in the ancient language Sumerian for the goddess Inanna, a few female nobles and a couple of goats.

ÍRiiS Nornin

Music Video

ÍRiiS is an electronic musician and vocalist from Iceland. For her music video Nornin (The Witch) she assembled a team of performers and models to perform in Iceland’s unspoiled nature, merging people’s naked bodies with the raw nature.

Music by ÍRiiS.
Music video by Kristina Petrošiutė.

Behind Closed Doors by Chaménos Collective


“Pure Avant-Garde Theatre” – Theatre Full Stop

The second performance by Chaménos Collective was Behind Closed Doors, taking place at Vaults Festival a year after Painted Faces.

Inspired by Dylan Thomas’ masterpiece ‘Under Milkwood’, the collective explored the difference between that which we show the world and that we keep hidden.

Written, produced and directed by the Alexander Luttley (Pi the Mime) / Toni Tippett team, music by Tristan Bath, lighting by Andy Lee and performance by a talented cast of circus performers, actors, dancers and musicians.

This show was part circus, part performance art, part cabaret and part theatre experience that combines disciplines to create a collage of text, image, sound and movement.

I played the part of Lady at no. 11, and had a brief tango affair.

The Vault Festival 2015, London.

Painted Faces by Chaménos Collective


Painted Faces was the first performance of multi-disciplinary performance group Chaménos Collective. The performance was the brainchild of incredible creative director Alexander Luttley (AKA Pi the Mime, AKA Mercury).
The story was loosely based on Federico García Lorca’s “impossible play” The Public (El Público) that ahead of its time spoke of the importance of accepting individuals no matter how different they may be.
Chaménos Collective gathered performers with mixed performance backgrounds and presented a collage of ideas on love, loss, power, struggle and unity with hints of Lorca, Magritte, Bausch and Kantor.

I performed A Lover, opposite Stefanie Sommer.

The show was performed at Vault Festival 2014, London.

Careers At Contoso

Online Interactive Story

Careers at Contoso is an independent multi-platform interactive story created by RedIsGo and friends, in collaboration with Salesforce and Microsoft.

I perform as Lorraine, the CEO of a company that’s been taken over by old technology. Coders and programmers are presented with tasks they need to solve in order to find out what has happened.

Through this project I performed in various videos, online Skype calls, spent a couple of days recording voiceovers and gave a lecture at the three day conference Reasons To Be Creative in Brighton in 2014.

To find out more, visit RedIsGo and Careers At Contoso.

Nutkhut Stilt Performer


After doing some walkabout character work at Bestival in 2012 with London-based company Nutkhut, I took a masterclass in stiltwalking with Nutkhut in 2013. Following the masterclass I performed in various places for Nutkhut, including international festivals and private parties.

Performances included:
Greenwich+Docklands Festival 2015: Stilt Princess
Camp Bestival 2014: DJ on stilts
Glastonbury 2014: Stilt Princess
Oslo Mela 2013: Stilt Princess
London Mela 2013: Stilt Princess

Company Men

Short Film

Company Men (2014) is a drama short film directed by Thomas K. Shannon and Virgil Ferragut, created for the Sci-Fi London 48 hours challenge.

The film was entirely made in 48 hours, including the script writing, shooting and editing.

It’s set in post-apocalyptic London, where plants and fruit hardly grow anymore and the few people left alive are struggling to stay alive.

This was a great passion project, made with a team of hardworking artists and it was great to see what could be accomplished in such a short amount of time.